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Blog Posts: sustainable business

  • Circular Fashion: Rethinking the way forward for India’s fashion industry

    This blog series is part of an ongoing project by WRI and its partners to encourage apparel companies to break away from traditional business models and invest in clothing reuse - resale, rental, and repair models.

    Until a few years ago, Indian households followed a typical pattern of using clothes. A new shirt was first worn by the eldest child, followed by younger siblings and cousins. If it was still in a somewhat wearable condition, it was given to the house help and if not, it ended up as a cleaning cloth. Recently, however, Indians increased their spending on clothes...

  • At Davos, Mahindra Chairman Commits to Science-Based Emissions Reductions, Calls on Other Companies to Join Him

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    Anand Mahindra, chairman of the India-based $19 billion Mahindra Rise conglomerate, told a World Economic Forum crowd that climate action is “the next century’s biggest business and financial opportunity.”

    “Everything that our group of companies has done to try to improve energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has given us a return,” Mahindra Rise chairman...

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