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Mission and Initiatives

WRI India’s mission is to move human society to live in ways that protect Earth’s environment and its capacity to provide for the needs and aspirations of current and future generations.

Our Initiatives

At WRI India, we combine research, analysis and tools, along with direct engagement with decision-makers, to bring about sustainable change. All of our program teams draw upon cross-cutting disciplines - business, governance, finance and economics – to further their analysis and recommendations.

Our work can be viewed through two critical lenses — Urban Development and Climate — with four associated programs driving on-ground transformative change:

  1. Sustainable Cities: Our largest program, we support Indian cities in their journey to be low carbon, resilient and inclusive through our work in 10 practice areas — Integrated Transport, Electric Mobility, Safer Roads, Sustainable Housing, Data-Led Urban Planning, Livable Neighborhoods, Climate Smart Cities, Clean Air, Water Resilience and Innovations and Startups.

  2. Energy: We work towards India’s transition to clean energy while improving energy access and achieving higher levels of energy efficiency. The access to energy for health, livelihood and education, in predominantly rural regions, is one of our key focus areas.

  3. Food, Land and Water: We combine advances in knowledge, robust analysis and cutting-edge technology to provide innovative tools and strategies to protect, maintain and restore India’s forests and agricultural landscapes and rural livelihoods.

  4. Climate: We inform businesses in the deployment of low-carbon technologies and practices, simulating and testing possible carbon markets. We also use modelling technologies to inform policymaking and evaluate green technologies in the Indian context.

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