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India’s energy commitments has ensued a transformation in its energy system. The growth in the renewable energy (RE) sector is applaudable and projections suggest a stronger momentum moving forward. But, it is expected that fossil fuels will constitute a large share of the primary energy consumption in 2040 with renewables only accounting for 13% of the total primary energy consumption. It is thus imperative that a domestic energy alternative is developed and utilized which would allow the country to meet its climate mitigation commitments.

The Government of India has already announced its plans to launch a National Hydrogen Energy Mission (NHEM). With an installed RE capacity of 105GW and a target of 500 GW by 2030, hydrogen production through the renewable energy (RE) mix is possible. Scaling of RE projects across the country would also facilitate green hydrogen production through electrolysis. India being a agri-based economy hydrogen production through electrolysis can be complemented with the abundant biomass available in the country. Efficient waste management practices can also be adopted by tapping into the country’s 170,000 tonnes of daily municipal solid waste generation.

Hydrogen’s future demand is expected to dominate industrial (bulk chemicals, steel, and cement), heavy duty mobility (buses, trucks, shipping, aviation, and other commercial vehicles) and the power sector as a cost-effective energy storage option for medium- to long-term time durations. Many countries and businesses have started to develop, innovate, and deploy hydrogen at scale with the green hydrogen market at the brim of emergence in multiple economies.

The NHEM is expected to drive production, supply, and distribution of hydrogen as a clean fuel for multiple sectors. WRI India thus envisions to engage with a diverse set of stakeholders to collaborate and work together to achieve the mission objectives.

Hydrogen initiatives currently under way

  • Biomass for Hydrogen
  • Supply Chain Assessment for Electrolyser Manufacturing
  • Review Acts and Regulations for development of Hydrogen Sector in India
  • Hydrogen Adoption in Industrial Hubs & Clusters
  • Water Stress Analysis for Hydrogen Production

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