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Roadmap for Scaling Trees Outside Forests in India: Learnings from the Select States on Policy Incentives, Enabling Conditions, and Barriers

Growing trees outside forests (ToF) presents a significant environmental and economic opportunity in India. Nearly 80 million hectares can sequester 3.4 gigatons of carbon dioxide equivalent (Gt CO2e) by 2040 to help India achieve its international climate commitments. Expansion of ToF systems, where socially and ecologically appropriate, can sustain delivery of valuable ecosystem services, improve opportunities for green livelihoods and jobs, and fulfil people's food and nutrition needs in India. This working paper presents insights from implementation of ToF systems in six Indian states, identifies key policy incentives, opportunities, and barriers significant for planning wide scale adoption of ToF practices in India and recommends key actions for building an effective roadmap for scaling ToF across regions.

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