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MSME Training Series | #01: Fundamentals of Climate Change and the Business Case for Action

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the highly inequitable nature of economic impacts with MSMEs being the worst hit, despite playing a critical role in the economy. Climate change poses a similar challenge, with disastrous and inequitable impacts across economies, industry and vulnerable communities. The Indian MSME sector employs ~110 million people and is the backbone of the economy. The sector thus presents a huge opportunity for mitigating climate impacts, building a resilient economy and safeguarding millions of livelihoods.

If you missed attending the webinar, you can watch the recording here:

With this context in mind, to help facilitate a shift towards a low-carbon, profitable and resilient MSME sector in India, WRI India in partnership with CII, is conducting a series of trainings to build the necessary capacity amongst Indian MSMEs. The trainings will cover various aspects of climate action, including carbon footprinting, energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities, and existing policies.

As the first in the series of trainings, this webinar will provide an introduction to:

  • What is climate change and what role can Indian MSMEs play?
  • How can climate action help build resilient MSMEs?
  • What are the first steps towards a low-carbon transition?
  • Insights from an MSME company that has undertaken climate action - their journey and learning.


  • Ashwini Hingne, Manager,Climate Program, WRI India
  • Megha Nath, Senior Project Associate, Climate Program, WRI India
  • Akshay Koul, Associate Counsellor, CII
  • Varun Agarwal, Project Associate, Climate Program, WRI India
  • Aditya Agarwal, Director, Shree Ashtavinayak Glass Pvt. Ltd
  • Shubhangi Gupta, Consultant, Climate Program, WRI India
  • Tejaswini Kulkarni, Project Associate, Climate Program, WRI India

Here is our list of MSME trainings:

MSME Training Series #02: Tracking your emissions - Corporate GHG Accounting and Reporting

MSME Training Series #03: Fundamentals of Climate Change and the Business Case for Action

MSME Training Series #04: Policies and financial scheme for MSMEs in India (Upcoming)

MSME Training Series #05: Be a resource-efficient MSME (Upcoming)

This training series is conducted as part of the Carbon Market Simulation project, facilitated by WRI India and supported by the MacArthur Foundation and is aimed to build capacity around climate action amongst Indian MSMEs. WRI India is partnering with CII for this training series.

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