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Decarbonizing Healthcare in Maharashtra

Although Maharashtra, as a state, makes the greatest contribution to India's GDP, there are still areas within the state, particularly in eastern Maharashtra, that exhibit comparatively lower levels of development indicators. The Vidarbha region in Maharashtra, comprising 11 districts, is one of the most mineral-rich regions in the country, contributing to over two-thirds of mineral deposits of the state and nearly three-quarters of its forest resources. Despite this, this region is more underdeveloped than the rest of the state (barring Nagpur). Health facilities in these regions have reported power cuts lasting up to eight hours in a day.

By partnering with HSBC India and Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI), WRI India has supported the installation of 95 kWp of solar PV systems with battery storage across 12 health facilities. These solarized health facilities have a total bed strength of 578 and serve around 120,000 patients every year. Moreover, 138 representatives of health Institutions from diverse backgrounds were provided technical knowledge on the utilization, operation, and maintenance of the decentralized solar energy systems.

Photo Stories

These photo stories from the 5 health facilities in Maharashtra show how in rural and remote health facilities across India powered by decentralized renewable energy, primarily solar has emerged as an alternate, viable solution to the traditional grid and diesel generators.

In Photos: An all Women run Hospital Powered by Solar.

In Photos: Health Facility Serving Tribal Communities With Reliable Renewable Electricity.

In Photos: Christ Hospital, One Kilometer Away From A Coal-fired Power Plant Is Now Using Solar Power.

In Photos: Christanand Hospital Goes from No Electricity for Days to Reliable, Round-the-clock Power Back Up.

In photos: Matha Vihar Health Facility Is Now Able to Retain Medical Staff With Reliable Power


The impact numbers from this initiative have been captured in the following series of Infographics. The infographics also provide a snapshot of the results derived from the solar installations.

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