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The RACE (Rural Access to Clean Energy) to deliver sustainable energy for all

Swachh Urja is about the promotion and adoption of solar/clean energy solutions in Jharkhand

Spreading the use of clean energy

Life Education and Development Support (LEADS) with support from the European Union, World Vision India and ICCO Corporation started the Swachh Urja (clean electricity) project. It has created impact in four districts of Jharkhand-- Ranchi, Khunti, Gumla and Simdega – across 14 blocks.

Most of the time, communities are unaware of the various government-run alternate energy solutions available to them. Rural Access to Clean Energy (RACE) educates them on the ill effects of using high smoke emitting fuel, such as firewood, for everyday needs. They are then presented with alternative solutions such as smokeless chulhas and solar lamps.

Farmers are also educated on the long-term benefits of using solar pumps to irrigate their fields all year round, to respond with resilience to the unpredictability of monsoons.

Brightening up the community

Sudur is a one of the villages that has adopted the use of clean energy. Students now study under solar lamps, irrigation and water for everyday use is sourced via solar pumps and water tanks, and cooking is done on solar- or LPG-gas-powered stoves. Similarly, the LEADS Resource Centre in Perka explores various women self-help groups led livelihoods options such as reusable mask and sanitary napkin making and ragi processing through the 5 kW solar PV system installed at the centre in March 2019.

Awareness campaigns and workshops are held in local schools. Demonstrations of solar-powered cooking devices, home systems, lamps, water tanks and pumps inform the villagers about this alternate energy source. A constant effort is made to mobilize the community and spread the benefits of clear energy far and wide across the state.

Most importantly, the youth of Jharkhand is educated about livelihood opportunities that are powered by clean energy. Jobs have also emerged for electricians and technicians who can repair and restore solar energy products.

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