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  • Big Data Improves Renewable Power Forecasts. Will It Help India?

    This blog originally appeared on Insights

    India is one of the world’s fastest-growing markets for renewable energy. The government has set ambitious renewable energy targets for this year of 175 gigawatts by 2022, an increase of 400 percent over 2014, with 100 GW from solar photovoltaics and another 60 GW from wind. But even as India looks to add these new wind and solar plants, it is working to absorb the renewable power it already generates.


  • India Budget 2015: Can it Deliver for the Environment?

    The year will see global leaders make some critical decisions for the world economy and the environment, impacting the future of current and future generations. India’s newly elected government represents a unique new opportunity to deliver this. The country’s economy, now valued at $2.1 trillion, needs to follow a trajectory of robust, equitable and sustainable growth that includes all of its 1.25 billion citizens. All eyes have been on India as it announced its Union Budget for 2015-16, an important vehicle for transporting millions of its citizens out of poverty. Being the new...

  • Sunrise Opportunity for the Indian Railways

    This post originally appeared on RTCC.

    India’s rail network is a significant growth engine for the economy. But it’s not very green. An estimated 60% of its 65,000 kilometres of railway tracks are still powered by diesel. This makes it India’s largest consumer of diesel at 2.6 billion litres last year.

    It is also the largest consumer of electricity at 13.8 billion kWh and its energy consumption is rising by 5% every year.

    Electric power in India is...

  • Cities & Energy: Two things India must get right to improve the economy

    If one looks at the way India is currently growing, it is hard not to see the stress on cities and the rising energy insecurity. Congestion, urban sprawl and poor access to reliable energy make for daunting challenges to the development of the country. Course corrective measures, which focus on compact and connected cities that use more renewable energy and plan for universal energy access, are going to be needed right away for economic growth to enhance human well-being.

    The Problem

    India’s cities are bursting with growth. The country’s urban population will cross 600...

  • New Solar Policy Gives Boost to India’s Energy Market

    This blog post originally appeared on Clean Technica.

    India is facing down one of the key challenges confronting developing economies: Can it reduce power-sector emissions to curb climate change without hindering economic growth?

    This challenge became even more pressing when China and the United States, the world’s two largest carbon emitters, agreed to landmark emissions reductions...

  • India’s Energy Moment: Ready for a Low-Carbon Future?

    This blog post originally appeared in National Geographic.

    In the aftermath of the historic joint U.S.-China climate announcement in November, international attention has now swung to India. With new national leadership firmly in place, many are wondering what Prime Minister Narendra Modi will do on energy and climate. Some pundits have called on India, the world’s third largest greenhouse gas emitter, to announce its own emissions target...

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