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  • Financing Agricultural Resilience the Bond Way

    As Indian states gear up to revise their State Action Plans on Climate Change (SAPCCs) and take stock of the progress made so far, a pressing issue that looms ahead is how to mobilize the finance needed for implementing different mitigation and adaptation strategies. According to the Economic Survey of India, India faces a multi-billion-dollar gap of around USD 38 billion when it comes to the implementation of its National Adaptation Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC). With no...

  • Lessons from Kenya for India's Adaptation Initiatives

    Locals around Aberdare National Park say that the Kenyan Defence Forces hold a gun in one hand to protect the country from external threats and a seedling in another to protect an internal enemy - hazards of deforestation. Green Belt Movement (GBM), since its inception in 1977 by Nobel Laureate Prof. Wangari Mathai, has worked with locals and Kenyan Defence Forces to plant over 51 million trees in Mount Kenya, Aberdare and Mau complex - three of five major mountain ecosystems of Kenya.

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  • When it Comes to Adaptation, We Need to Think Bigger

    This post originally appeared on Insights

    Climate change threatens virtually every community on Earth. Increasingly frequent and severe droughts, floods and heat waves will impact agriculture, food security, infrastructure, GDP, and lives and livelihoods. The World Bank estimates that the world should be prepared to spend $70 billion to $100 billion a year between 2010 and 2050 to...

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