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  • Corporates, Cost of Carbon and Internalising Externalities

    In recent times, discussions around internal carbon pricing have been intensifying. Carbon pricing shifts costs away from society to the polluter, and provides incentives to reduce emissions. More than 430 companies globally have implemented internal carbon pricing – evidence that corporates are recognising that this benefits more than just climate.

    While most policies follow the ‘polluters pay’ principle,...

  • What can we expect from India’s climate change plan?

    This post originally appeared on Climate Home

    India’s anticipated commitment to climate action will be nothing short of transformational given challenges on the ground. With the world’s third highest carbon emissions [fourth if the EU is counted as one block] to its name, a strong commitment could make a noticeable difference to prevent the rise of global sea levels, extreme weather events, heat waves and other climate impacts.

    However, this global...

  • The GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance: Transforming Carbon Inventories

    Approximately 38 percent of India’s greenhouse gas emissions come from energy generation and about 76 percent of that energy is consumed by industrial and commercial users . According to the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), improved availability of coal and gas will likely lead to a 6.2 percent rise in electricity generation in 2014-15 while thermal power...

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