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Land Accelerator South Asia 2022 | Intellectual Property Rights and Public Avenues of Support for Restoration Businesses

Join this upcoming webinar next week organized by the Land Accelerator South Asia with two exciting sessions on –


This session will answer many questions about Intellectual Property Rights, covering topics like how to know if your idea, process, or product can be protected; how to protect your intellectual property and if yes, what are the various international concerns; how to enforce IP rights; how to know you are ready to seek support; what is a trademark; how can you build and protect your brand? The speakers’ presentations will be followed by an interactive Q&A session, so prepare your questions!

Speaker: Isha Sharma, Director, Trayambak

Isha Sharma has enjoyed an interesting career spanning through diverse areas of work as a master’s student of Biotechnology and as an intellectual property lawyer. She is the founder of Trayambak and Viadroit, which is a full-service law firm. With Trayambak, Isha has overseen and participated in over 500 patent filings, 700 trademark filings, 100 design filings, and 200 copyright filings. She is also passionate about teaching entrepreneurs about intellectual property rights.


This session focuses on highlighting the array of support programs, grant opportunities, networks and government policies that exist in the Indian startup ecosystem. It will cover various benefits available under the Startup India initiative offered to all startups in India and the nature of support that may be leveraged by startups abroad.

Speaker: Harshita Singh, Consultant, Invest India

Harshita inherited her love for numbers, economics, and analysis from her family. With over 2.5 years of exponential learning experience in startups and then 1.5 years in consulting, Harshita has strong expertise in strategy, marketing & analytics. She is presently working with the Marketing & Partnerships team at Startup India, where her work involves working with various ministries across countries and fortune 500 companies for matching their needs with Indian startups. She also leads marketing for all major events, their communication & outreach strategy.

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