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WORKSHOP: Kochi's Transition to Zero Carbon Buildings

The Kochi Municipal Corporation (KMC) has partnered with World Resources Institute India (WRI India) to develop a roadmap and action plan for all buildings to achieve zero carbon potential for Kochi city.

After almost a year of data collection, research and analysis, WRI India has developed a roadmap to further this vision, with support from real estate players, engineers and architects, energy efficiency consultants, as well as academia and government officials. At this workshop, KMC and WRI India will:

  • Reiterate KMC’s commitment towards achieving this vision of ZCBs for the city;
  • Present the methodology for roadmap preparations and key findings; and
  • Discuss the roadmap and seek input and feedback from participants.

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RSVP to Attend:
Sumedha Malaviya:
Dhilon Subramanian:

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