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Webinar: De-risk your business

No accelerator is complete without a group session on the business model canvas. The discussion aims at understanding and identifying the important building blocks of your business. Participants will learn how to identify the critical business model assumptions of their own company, and then create plans to de-risk the assumptions. Founders of companies from all regions are invited to join. The techniques discussed can help all stages of businesses from ideation to the scaling stage.

You can check out the Land Accelerator South Asia 2020 Cohort here.

If you are eager to get started with your business—without the drudgery of creating a massive document first—a business model canvas for startups might be right for you. A business model canvas is a quick-start alternative to a business plan. It helps you think through the most important aspects of startup – such as your product or service, your target market and the resources you’ll need to launch.

The Business Model Canvas is designed to be continually updated as you talk to customers, learn, and validate or invalidate your assumptions. A startup continually produces new versions of the Business Model Canvas that captures any new information and new assumptions that need to be validated.

This webinar will talk about how a business model canvas for startups can get your business off the ground faster.

A great article to read before the session: 14 Ways to Apply the Business Model Canvas

You can also watch this great Ted Talk by Simon Sinek in preparation.

When: Tuesday, July 21, 2020, 6:30 PM

Speaker Scott Gillespie is the co-creator of Aquaritas Group, where he works to source and deliver resilient solutions to disaster impacted communities. Scott is also the founder and director of the Jigsaw Group, a boutique investment and advisory business.

Moderator Amanda Gant, Accelerator Manager, Global Restoration Initiative, World Resources Institute

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