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Transit Oriented Development and Road Safety | Session 2 | Assessing and Enabling Road Safety for TOD

Join us for the second session of the workshop series on ‘Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and Road Safety’. This session delves into assessing the road safety readiness of a city for implementing a safe TOD and ways of using road safety as a messaging for setting up an enabling environment for TOD.

Here is the full recording of the event.

This session also includes case studies of World Bank projects from Asia and Latin America highlighting road safety needs assessments and mechanisms for enabling safe TOD.


Shigeyuki Sakaki, Senior Transport Specialist, Transit-Oriented Development COP Lead, World Bank


  • Prerna Vijaykumar Mehta, Lead, Integrated Urban Development, WRI India
  • Binoy Mascarenhas, Consultant, Integrated Urban Transport, WRI India
  • Alina F. Burlacu, Senior Transport Specialist, The World Bank
  • Juan Miguel, Transport Specialist, The World Bank

Know more about the Global Road Safety Facility (GRSF) here.

Learn about the TOD Implementation Resources and Tools here.

Learn about the Good Practice Note here.

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