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Streets for All - Redesigning and reimagining streets for all

Streets are intended as public spaces serving the needs of different types of users across all levels, and not just vehicles. According to the National Urban Transport Policy (NUTP), streets should be designed with an equitable allocation of road space.

However, the situation is not ideal, to say the least, on our roads and streets. Issues on streets include technical and design flaws, over emphasis on motorised modes of transport, lack of universally accessible roads, lack of public spaces, and broken footpaths with no cycle tracks leading to zero infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists.

The Streets for All initiative by WRI India is a sustained movement towards creating streets for people rather than vehicles. The overall aim of “Streets for all” is to create safe infrastructure for all categories of road users and to bring about a paradigm change in approach i.e. from motor vehicle oriented design of streets to a people-oriented approach.

WRI India will work with Government of Uttar Pradesh (GoUP) in helping reimagine streets in a manner that improves road safety, reduces pollution, promotes health and wellness, as well as inclusive development.

WRI India in partnership with GoUP will organise a one day workshop that will aim at bringing expertise from relevant area to introduce principles and guidelines for complete street design. Relevant departments from Lucknow and other cities across UP will be sensitized to needs of all categories of road users and how streets can be designed better. Global best practices will also be showcased stressing how similar cities internationally, transformed their streets. The workshop will provide a hands-on experience towards reimagining streets.

The agenda for this event can be accessed here. Download the press release here.

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