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Roadmap for an ‘Aatmanirbhar’ EV Battery Ecosystem in India

WRI India invites you to a closed-door session, Roadmap for an ‘Aatmanirbhar’ EV Battery Ecosystem in India. The roundtable discussion will bring together all the stakeholders of the battery ecosystem to explore ways for facilitating the creation of a sustainable, secure and cost-effective battery ecosystem in India.

India’s journey to energy security will be powered by the creation of an ‘Aatmanirbhar’ battery ecosystem. Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) are currently the dominant technology for electric vehicles (EVs) in India and globally. They are also fast emerging as the preferred choice for battery energy storage systems (BESS) for large-scale penetration of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.

However, the development of a sustainable and secure LIB ecosystem in India is fraught with several challenges, including high upfront costs, technical limitations (such as safety and performance issues of LIBs in extreme weather conditions) and import dependence for battery cells and packs. Furthermore, the increased adoption of EVs raises critical questions on the availability and sustainability of battery materials, especially due to constraints of the LIB sup- ply chain, like geographical concentration of raw materials, supply vulnerability, price volatility and material criticality.

To explore effective mechanisms for cross-sectoral collaborations to develop a sustainable EV battery ecosystem in India, WRI India has conducted extensive stakeholder consultations with ecosystem leaders and experts, including vehicle manufacturers/ original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), policymakers, leading research labs, academia, and recycling & reuse start-ups.

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