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Rajasthan’s Sustainable Energy Transition: Kick-off Workshop

Rajasthan is among the leading renewable energy (RE) states in India - with installed capacity of solar and wind at an impressive 37% of the state's total installed capacity. There is a significant opportunity for the state to achieve a higher renewable energy-based future - one that is sensitive to the state’s needs, priorities, and challenges. With immense solar potential in the state, Rajasthan could export RE to other states by improving the transmission infrastructure, and interlinkages with other grid and storage technologies to ensure that the increased RE capacity is not underutilized.

Rajasthan has the potential to become a national and a global leader in providing affordable, reliable, and clean electricity to all, inspiring other states in India and other countries in the world towards transitioning to clean energy pathways. Sustainable Energy Transformation for Rajasthan (SET - RJ) initiative has been set up to facilitate, develop and support the State of Rajasthan in its journey towards a sustainable energy transformation (SET). SET is a collaborative initiative between WRI India along with partner organizations Bask Foundation, Customised Energy Solutions and CII - GBC to support Rajasthan in its implementation of ambitious RE policies.

In this workshop, we aim to get perspectives from different stakeholders to understand the challenges, opportunities, and priorities for Rajasthan in moving towards a clean energy transition pathway.


  • Bharath Jairaj, Executive Director (Energy), WRI India
  • Simran Grover, Founder and CEO, Bask Research Foundation
  • Satwek Mishra, Bask Research Foundation
  • A K Gupta, Advisor (Energy), Government of Rajasthan
  • Harsh Thacker, Director, Emerging Technologies, Customized Energy Solutions
  • Harsha Meenawat, Senior Research Specialist, WRI India (Moderator)
  • Deepak Sriram Krishnan, Associate Director, WRI India (Moderator)

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