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Priority Sectors’ Emissions Regulation through City Specific Clean Air Action Plan Components Implementation

World Resources Institute (WRI India) and Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) are organizing a stakeholder workshop to understand the requirements of cities to implement the interventions identified for control of road dust re-suspension and strengthen the already existing framework of actions for the open MSW burning and construction sectors. In this workshop, WRI India will bring selected experts to discuss various issues and challenges associated with non-exhaust road dust emissions, MSW management, Air Pollution Mitigation, Dust Management at the construction sites and suggest mitigation measures to reduce the PM emissions from the relevant sectors while the city of Surat has already put their efforts in developing a city-specific clean air action plan.


  • Banchhanidhi Pani (IAS), Municipal Commissioner, Surat Municipal Corporation
  • Hemali Kalpeshkumar Boghawala, Hon. Mayor, Surat City
  • PU Dave, Regional Officer, Gujarat Pollution Control Board, Surat
  • Nirpendra Semwal, Regional Directorate, Central Pollution Control Board, Vadodara
  • Dr. Ashish Naik, Deputy Municipal Commissioner, Health and Hospital, Surat Municipal Corporation, Surat
  • Sandeep Narang, Technical Expert, Sustainable Construction Practices, ASSOCHAM, New Delhi
  • EH Pathan, Surat Municipal Corporation
  • Sanjay Mangukiya and Dr. Jignesh Patel, President and Vice President, CREDAI, Surat
  • Gaurav Tomar, Senior Program Associate, Air Quality, WRI India
  • Madhav Pai, Executive Director, WRI India Ross Center for Sustainable Cities
  • Bhavay Sharma, Senior Project Associate, Air Quality
  • Dr. AS Nagpure, Head, Air Quality, WRI India
  • SM Vaijnapurkar, Regional Officer, GIZ India
  • Dr. Kishore Wankhade, Manager, WRI India (Moderator)
  • Zahir Shaikh, Program Associate, WRI India (Moderator)
  • Vandana Tyagi, Senior Program Associate, WRI India (Moderator)

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