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Launch of STAMP Delhi

In 2020, New Delhi was one of the most polluted capital cities in the world, according to IQ Air. New Delhi is India’s capital and the heart of the National Capital Region, and emissions from transport are one of the biggest factors that impact air quality in the area.

If Delhi must meet its clean air targets, emissions need to be addressed by getting more commuters to switch to public transport, while ensuring public transport is easily accessible for all. Delhi already has a strong public transport network, including Delhi Metro. Delhi Metro is the largest and most established mass transit network in India. It has regularly been held as the gold standard of the possible scale and benefits of metro connectivity in the country.

But how can we get more people to use public transport? As a mature metro network, Delhi’s vision is to usher in better service quality and integration across its services, from ticketing to last-mile planning, to bring in greater efficiency in operations.

This is what the Station Access and Mobility Program (STAMP) aims to do in Delhi. The program, initiated by Toyota Mobility Foundation and WRI India, is working with Delhi’s Transport Department and Delhi Metro to drive multimodal integration and data-driven transport planning across the city.

STAMP Delhi, the seventh and final edition of STAMP, will utilize a challenge framework to identify innovative and sustainable business models to work on targeted areas to improve commuter’s accessibility to mobility, and thereby, quality of life.

Join us on September 1st at 10AM for the launch of STAMP Delhi, along with a session on Decarbonizing Delhi: Can technology and transport work together to create greener cities? This panel discussion will bring together public and private sector representatives to discuss the advancements in technology that can help create a truly integrated, sustainable transport network in Delhi.


  • Ashish Kundra, IAS Commissioner of Transport, Government of Delhi
  • Vikas Kumar, IRTS, Managing Director, DMRC
  • Akshima Ghate, Managing Director, RMI
  • Priya Singh, Co-founder and Director, Chalo Mobility
  • Shamik Joshi, Head of Products and Technology, Mobility, Amnex Infotechnologies
  • Pras Ganesh, Executive Program Director, Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF)
  • Madhav Pai, Executive Director, WRI India Ross Center
  • Pawan Mulukutla, Director-Integrated Transport, Electric Mobility and Hydrogen, WRI India (Moderator)

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