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Land Accelerator South Asia 2022: Building a Vision-Mission Driven Organization

Building your vision and mission early on in your venture can help you set up for success. Join Aritra Bhowmik and Ashna Rustagi from Sangam for this session, as they help you answer the top three questions you need to ask yourself to ensure that you’re on the right (for you!) track and with the right people.

In this session, the restoration entrepreneurs will also be provided templates to help them in:

  • Forming their vision and mission statement
  • Defining the principles guiding your business
  • Identifying the right team

Aritra Bhowmik, Incubation Manager, AIC – Sangam Innovation Foundation

Aritra comes with a decade of diversified experience in alternative energy technology development, implementation in energy transition and Agri-Energy nexus. He holds a Master’s degree in Energy Management along with B.Tech in Electrical & Electronics following his interest in engineering with a passion for climate-smart technologies.

Presently, he leads Sangam's North-East India initiative and drives customer development, field operations, Quality Function Deployment (QFD) initiative for all the start-ups to help them reach product-market fit and scale. He has published an investment thesis on Electric Vehicles, successfully managed two acceleration programs, and played a key role in closing three investments till date.

Ashna Rustagi, Analyst, Agri Investment Team, Sangam Ventures

Ashna focuses on outreach into the start-up and innovation eco-system to identify new investment opportunities with a special focus on agriculture sector. She is currently leading an acceleration program for land restoration businesses, from the Sangam team, “The Land Accelerator”, an initiative by the World Resources Institute. She also manages Sangam’s in-house acceleration program to promote institutional cooperative structures and rural agriculture SMEs. Ashna has previously worked with EY India in their Risk Advisory practice.

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