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The Land Accelerator South Asia 2021 | Understanding and Leveraging Carbon Finance as an Instrument of Change Towards Climate Smart and Resilient Agriculture

This session will focus on increasing knowledge about climate action goals and objectives which businesses intend to set in an endeavour to decarbonize and move towards a net zero goal. This event will be particularly relevant for organisations that use development finance to implement various solutions such as nature-based and community-driven interventions. Over 28 companies in India have announced a carbon neutrality target with Government of India. To achieve such targets, we have seen that traditionally carbon finance has been applied towards addressing residual emissions and therefore forms an important element of climate action.

Thus, this session will highlight the key aspects of carbon finance in the agricultural and land use sector, as well as emphasize its various benefits. Sandeep Roy Choudhury, our esteemed speaker, will also touch upon the inception of the organization using current and upcoming projects as examples of various technologies which can be implemented, and the importance of stakeholder participation and knowledge building in the process.


Sandeep Roy Choudhary, Director and Co-Founder, Value Network Ventures Advisory Services

A professional with a keen ambition to leave the world a better place, Sandeep has been at the forefront of working with climate change and livelihoods for the last 14 years. Sandeep is a co-founder at VNV Advisory Services, responsible for the initiation and development of the climate change expertise. He is also a director at Carbon Initiative Forum, a non-profit working on climate change awareness. His work encompasses over 6 million rural households and over 800,000 hectares of land use management with small holder programs across the South Asia region with the support of over 60+ NGOs and implementation partners.

He plays an advisory role for over 100 companies and countless non - profits for ESG related affairs. He is also on the board of numerous non - profits working on climate related projects including Worldview International Foundation Myanmar, Bangladesh Bondhu Foundation & Environment Protection Center Nepal. He currently co-chairs the International Carbon Reduction Alliance, a non-profit based out of Geneva.

He is a certified auditor for various sustainability standards such as the forest stewardship council and is also a certified sustainability assessor and has a fellowship from Salzburg Global. He is part of various global forums and committees on sustainability and low carbon related issues and has co- authored various articles and publications on the same

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