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How Cities can Build Back Better in the New Normal with Cycling

The ongoing pandemic has led to a drop in public transport as well as private vehicles, leading to a surge in cycling across the world. Indian cities too have seen a growth in bicycle usage and sales. As cities gradually open up, there is a need to reset our transportation systems and take sustainable actions to promote cycling as a viable and preferred mode of transport.

WRI India has brought together some leading transportation and urban planning professionals in this interactive webinar to explore how cities globally have utilised the current situation to promote cycling and what Indian cities can learn going forward. In the course of this event, researchers from WRI India will share highlights from the ongoing research on cycling urbanism and cycling infrastructure. This will be followed by a discussion on the different considerations that Indian cities should focus on to promote cycling as a long term vision.

The discussants will consist of national and international experts, representatives from the city authorities, and advocacy groups. During the session, speakers will seek to answer a few key questions:

  • What should urban planners bear in mind while planning cycling infrastructure? Why do some projects fail to meet the needs of cyclists?
  • What role can advocacy play in bringing together users and service providers and why should it be built into the planning stage itself?
  • How much do factors like city’s population, density, land use etc. impact cycling? Should cycling projects be seen as a part of the city’s urban planning process?
  • What measures should cities consider while planning and designing initiatives to promote cycling for long term gains?


  • Maud de Vries - Co-Founder & Managing Director, BYCS, Amsterdam
  • Carlosfelipe Pardo - Senior Manager, City Pilots, New Urban Mobility Alliance
  • Prof. Rutul Joshi, Associate Professor, CEPT University, Ahmedabad
  • Dr. Bhairavi Naik Joshi - Director & CEO, BYCS India Foundation
  • Moderated by Amit Bhatt, Executive Director - Integrated Transport, WRI India

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