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Energy for Development Conference

India has achieved nearly 100% household electrification but the story does not end there. There continue to be areas within the country where people live with unreliable electricity supply or supply that is limited to a few hours everyday. Lack of a reliable source of electricity can in turn have serious implications on education, skilling and healthcare services and livelihood opportunities and incomes.

The government and other organisations have been trying to solve these problems and there is a clear and urgent need to share these experiences and learnings with a larger audience. While many successful efforts have emerged, challenges remain, particularly around data, finance and technical capacity. How can we improve the availability of transparent data and affordable financing sources? What is required from policy makers and technology providers to support an enabling environment?

Together with our partners and stakeholders from the energy access sector, government agencies and investors, we will brainstorm about strategies for finding solutions and scaling them so as to be able to benefit the people who need it the most. Partners from civil society organizations, development institutions, energy enterprises, government agencies and investors working to improve access to reliable, affordable and sustainable sources of electricity will come together for the discussions on 5th November in Bangalore.

To participate at this event, please write to Amala Devi ( or Pamli Deka (

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