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Designing Liveable Streets: The Way Ahead

The average Bengalurean lost 5 days and 14 hours extra in 2022 trying to reach his/her destination. Bengaluru is the second-worst city globally in terms of traffic congestion. Mumbai also features in the top 10 most congested metro cities in the world. (TomTom Traffic Index 2022).

It is critical to design infrastructure to enable safer and efficient movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. We must start looking at street design as a multi-disciplinary science that requires the combined expertise of civil engineering, urban design and traffic engineering.

Join WRI India and ITDP India for a webinar on ‘Designing Livable Streets: The Way Ahead’ on Thursday, 02 March, 2023 from 4:00-5:30 pm (IST).

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