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Connect Karo 2019

Around the world, cities are changing. We are witnessing advances in digital innovation, a shift towards a shared economy, and vast improvements in technology. Increasing instances of extreme weather have resulted in a greater urgency to move towards sustainable lifestyles and a paradigm shift in the way urban systems are planned and designed.

In India, too, major urban centres are experiencing a massive transition in the way people access and use transport, energy, housing, and public services. While this transition has its benefits, issues related to infrastructure, traffic congestion, air quality, and water and waste management need to be addressed. This has to happen alongside concerted efforts at enhancing capacity in order to adequately respond to climate disasters. In addition, challenges of safety, security, and equity, especially amongst vulnerable populations, need to be considered.

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Connect Karo is part of a global series of events focused on sustainable urban development hosted by the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. It is an annual event started in 2013.

At Connect Karo, government officials, academicians, civil society actors, and businesses come together to identify key levers that would accelerate infrastructure and service delivery in order enable sustainable and equitable urban transitions that would help India prepare for the next decade.

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