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Coastal Public Space Challenge

Do you have an innovative solution to intervene, or prevent, suspended solid waste and invasive plants from impacting coastal public spaces? We want to hear from you!

Participate in WRI India’s first Coastal Public Space Challenge.

The Coastal Public Space Challenge seeks innovative and proven technological solutions that will prevent the drifting back of suspended solid waste and water hyacinth on to the Mahatma Gandhi beach in Fort Kochi, Kerala.

The challenge is being undertaken by WRI India, in collaboration with the Kochi Municipal Corporation, as part of WRI’s Cities4forests global initiative, and invites applications from individuals, private enterprises and academic institutions. Know more about the challenge here.

The design and development of the solution should work towards restoring the impacted beach to a clean and safe coastal public space. The technology employed should have low operation and maintenance cost (OPEX).

With an award worth up to INR 10,00,000 (~USD 15,000) the winning entry will get the opportunity to exhibit their solutions in the coastal environment of Fort Kochi. If the pilot implementation demonstrates success, in keeping the limited beach area clear of suspended solid waste and water hyacinths, there is high potential for scaling up, as well as replication, by Kochi Municipal Corporation. Additionally, WRI India will provide global visibility to the winning solution through its communication and social media network.

The last date for application is March 10, 2020

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