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Building Efficiency Accelerator (BEA) Workshop

The SE4ALL Building Efficiency Accelerator (BEA), is a programme that assists sub-national governments to improve the energy efficiency in their jurisdictions. The multi-sectoral collaborations in the programme can help speed actions on efficiency policies and projects.

Rajkot has been selected by the Global BEA Partnership for deeper engagement and support to improve the building energy efficiency in the city. This BEA workshop is the first stakeholder workshop and is expected to gather about 50 stakeholders from a range of government departments such as the municipal corporation and the urban development authority. The Workshop is aimed at setting the base for the project, Rajkot’s commitments as BEA partner city and the practice of stakeholder engagement.

This Workshop would also serve as a platform to share the findings from the buildings efficiency online survey conducted and facilitate discussions on the 2-3 priority areas identified for accelerating buildings efficiency in Rajkot. Discussions would be organised in a working group format where stakeholders in groups would discuss and present on the extent of applicability of the identified priority areas and further potential regarding building efficiency in Rajkot.

This workshop intends to achieve the following objectives:

  • Publicly communicate the city’s commitment to pursue building efficiency actions;

  • Identify and engage a diverse set of stakeholders who are critical to the effective implementation of building efficiency actions locally;

  • Develop a shared vision regarding the importance of building efficiency for achieving the community’s broader goals;

  • Identify partners who are interested in assisting the city to achieve its BEA goals;

  • Establish a shared body of knowledge among stakeholders with different levels of technical expertise;

  • Help the city to identify or refine the specific actions it will further assess for potential implementation.

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