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Accelerating Clean Energy 2019

Accelerating Clean Energy (ACE) is WRI India’s flagship energy sector conference that brings together experts, policymakers, and practitioners to discuss issues related to India’s energy transition and potential solutions to address them.

This year’s conference will focus on:

  • Scaling rooftop solar amongst SMEs and commercial and industrial consumers; and on
  • Reducing the negative externalities of thermal power plants.


India has set ambitious renewable energy targets, to be achieved in next few years. Despite progress towards some of these targets, significant barriers continue to hold back the pace of adoption of renewable energy; especially rooftop solar. In the meantime, much of India’s electricity supply continues to come from fossil-fuelled, thermal power plants. While this supply remains important, many of these power plants are highly polluting, and consume large amounts of water for their cooling needs. Even while India transitions to a clean energy future, the air and water implications of the existing generation fleet needs to be urgently addressed, as it directly impacts human well-being.

Accelerating Clean Energy (ACE), WRI India’s flagship event brings together energy sector experts, policymakers and practitioners to discuss these issues and solutions to address them.

Who should attend?
Businesses, utilities, regulators, developers, and civil society who currently work in the clean energy sector, or those want to learn more about this growing industry.

You can read about the sessions here. If you have any queries, please contact Ashok Thanikonda ( or Deepak Krishnan (


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