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MSME Training Series: Advancing Competitiveness Through Clean and Efficient Processes

Tamil Nadu’s MSMEs are leaders in many industries. However, they need to battle high fluctuating energy and fuel costs as energy demand rises during heatwaves, or when international geopolitics lead to a global energy crisis. Furthermore, increasing global commitments by governments, corporates, and financial institutions to reduce their carbon and resource footprint means new energy and environment-related compliances required from their MSME suppliers. Thus, transitioning to cheaper, more efficient and clean processes can not only help insulate MSMEs from the high fluctuating costs of imported fossil fuels, but will also make them more attractive to international corporate customers and banks. It will also support Tamil Nadu’s ambition in becoming a leader of renewable energy, and climate action.

WRI India is organising a one-day training session in partnership with FaMe TN, CODISSIA, LUB, IIF, SIEMA and Si’Tarc. Here, experts on energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste & water efficiency, and carbon markets will deliver sessions, invite MSME testimonials and conduct interactive exercises on how to improve MSMEs’ energy and resource consumption, thus advancing their competitiveness through reduced costs and managing compliance risks.

Topics covered

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Renewable Energy
  • Waste & Water Efficiency
  • Carbon Markets
  • Finance & Policies

Training methods

  • Concepts, Case Studies, Key Steps for Implementation
  • Interactive Exercises
  • MSME Testimonials
  • Connect with Technology Vendors

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