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Bus Karo 2018 - Data for City Transport

The 13th Bus Karo workshop on ‘Data for City Transport’ will be held in Bengaluru on October 26, 2018 in partnership with Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation and with support from Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation.

Mobility in Indian cities is transforming, impacting the way people move and make their travel choices. While transit agencies are investing to establish intelligent systems to provide world-class services to the citizens, new technology-based mobility services are emerging to cater to individual demand-based trips. Usage of technology to provide transport services has increased the pace, the quality and the quantity of data collected on mobility patterns in our cities. This expanse of data has the ability to underpin transport planning decisions in cities. The key challenge, however, is to aggregate, integrate, analyse and share this data to inform better planning.

This year’s ‘Bus Karo Workshop’ focuses on discussing the necessary steps that cities need to take to turn ‘data into information and information into decisions’. The sessions at the workshop will bring together public agencies and private sector representatives to identify the use cases of mobility data collected from different sources, role of data analytics in decision making on public transport systems and the added value of open data.

The workshop is a part of WRI India’s Bus Karo Programme which is designed to engage with the State transport Undertakings (STUs) and other stakeholders to deliberate technical issues that hinder the development of bus systems, build capacity and foster peer to peer learning. Under this programme WRI India conducts bi-annual workshops that convene transport and urban experts, regulators, officials from bus operating agencies and industry to promote knowledge-sharing for effective urban public transport services.

View the agenda here. Please click here to register for this event.

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