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Leaders' Speak is a series of videos produced by the India GHG Program where India's distinguished business leaders emphasize the need to integrate GHG management as a strategic component of business development, encouraging other businesses to undertake this methodology for profitable, competitive and sustainable businesses. Catch the Leaders' Speak Series here.

Connect Karo 2017 brought together leaders and policy makers committed to designing a more equal city. The event took place from 5-7 April 2017 in New Delhi with presenters from various fields – urban design, urban planning, transport, energy, water, and climate change – sharing their insights and research findings. Take a look at what experts had to say here.

The Electricity Governance Initiative Expert Voices is brought to you by the Electricity Governance Initiative, co-founded by World Resources Institute (WRI) and Prayas Energy Group in 2003, which promotes better governance in the electricity sector. Learn what experts think in this film series, about a range of topics for promoting clean energy, especially through the regulatory process – a must-watch for energy planners and policy makers, regulators, civil society organizations, researchers and students alike. You can find the films here.

WRI India, in collaboration with the Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF), is executing the Station Access and Mobility Program (STAMP), which focuses on high-quality last-mile connectivity to Namma Metro in Bengaluru. Through multi-stakeholder discussions and the STAMP Challenge platform, the program crowd-sourced innovative business proposals for services that improve access and connectivity to the metro rail network. Five proposals have been selected, and will receive research grants for pilot implementation at a metro station. Business models include carpooling, motorized two-wheeler rental, parking aggregation, and an on-demand auto rickshaw service. Click here to learn more about STAMP.

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