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WRI India's Publications 2018


Prepared Communities: Implementing the Urban Community Resilience Assessment in Vulnerable Neighbourhoods of Three Cities
Lubaina Rangwala, Katerina Elias-Trostmann, Lauretta Burke, Retno Wihanesta, Mandakini Chandra


Towards Smarter Service Provision for Smart Cities: Accounting for the Social Costs of Urban Service Provision
Srikanth Shastry, Sahana Goswami, Anil Markandya, Aarsi Sagar, Indro Ray, Zeba Aziz, Sandeep Paul, Anirudh Tagat, Apurba Chatterjee

Here Comes the Sun: Residential Consumers' Experiences with Rooftop Solar PV in Five Indian Cities
Amala Devi, Uttara Narayan, Tirthankar Mandal

State-Led Alternative Mechanisms to Aquire, Plan, and Service Land for Urbanisation in India
Rejeet Mathews, Madhav Pai, Tintu Sebastian, Souhardhya Chakraborty

Parched Power: Water Demands, Risks, and Opportunities for India's Power Sector Tianyi Luo, Deepak Krishnan, Shreyan Sen


Restoration Opportunities Atlas of India
Rohini Chaturvedi, Marie Duraisami, Jayahari K M, Kanchana CB, Ruchika Singh, Sidhtharthan Segarin, Prabhakar Rajagopal


Ahmedabad: Town Planning Schemes for Equitable Development - Glass Half Full or Half Empty?
Darshini Mahadevia, Madhav Pai, Anjali Mahendra

Pune: Coalitions, Contradictions, and Unsteady Transformation
Lalitha Kamath, Himanshu Burte, Avinash Madhale, Robin King


Reducing Risk, Addressing Climate Change through internal Carbon Pricing: A Primer for Indian Business
Chirag Gajjar, Vivek Adhia


Enabling Safe Access to Mass Transit: A toolkit for Community Engagement and Decision-Making

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