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PRESS RELEASE: WRI India and Bask Research Foundation organized 'Sustainable Energy Transition Dialogues' in Rajasthan

Experts discussed potential of energy storage and integration of solar pumps in agriculture sector in Rajasthan

Jaipur, August 24, 2022: Bask Research Foundation and World Resources India (WRI India) hosted Sustainable Energy Transition Dialogues in Rajasthan with a focus on the potential of battery energy storage and viability of solarization of agriculture. The event was attended by eminent speakers and stakeholders representing the power and energy sector of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan has emerged as a frontrunner in terms of Renewable Energy (RE) as the state has set ambitious goals to further accelerate solar energy deployment. Rajasthan’s clean energy journey is at an inflection point as solar and wind energy also bring with it the challenge of reliability and power grid management. Leveraging its solar energy potential, Rajasthan is steadily progressing on the pathways of clean energy transition. Sustainable Energy Transition for Rajasthan (SET - RJ) initiative seeks to support Rajasthan in research and analysis that can help the state achieve its ambitious RE policies. The collaboration between WRI India and partner organizations, including Bask Research Foundation, Customised Energy Solutions (CES), Prayas Energy Group (PEG) and CII seeks to carry out research and analysis aimed at supporting the state to achieve its ambitious RE target.

Mr. Ajitabh Sharma, IAS, Chairman, Rajasthan Tax Board, Government of Rajasthan (GoR) and Mr. A K Gupta, Advisor (Energy), GoR, participated in the discussions and highlighted the development of renewable energy in Rajasthan and its immense potential.

Mr. Sharma called for the decarbonization of the entire economy and not just the electric grid. He called for timely action, warning that delayed action has social, economic and financial implications. While he acknowledged the role of battery energy storage for grid management with the high quantum of solar and wind, he also called for critical research and review of alternatives such as waste-to-energy, distributed renewable energy, and energy efficiency.

Mr. Gupta said Rajasthan is blessed with high solar irradiation and land resources. Battery storage systems, along with pumped storage systems, are key for the clean energy transition in Rajasthan.
Highlighting the role of energy storage as an emerging and financially viable option for the integration of renewable energy, Simran Grover, CEO of Bask Research Foundation, said, “As a local energy policy group, Bask Research observes that the journey forward shall be shaped by a willingness to move away from coal and the exploration of pathways that minimize the impact on communities and the environment. Our work in collaboration with WRI India and CES demonstrates the role of energy storage in reducing overall costs and dependence on coal while enabling the integration of solar and wind energy.”

Sandhya Sundararagavan, Lead, Energy Transition, WRI India, said, “This study shows significant potential for energy storage integration at the state-level for different renewable energy deployment scenarios. The analysis is expected to provide critical inputs for regulatory and policy decision-making to define the role of energy storage in Rajasthan’s Sustainable Energy Transition pathway.”

The conference also included a session on the feasibility of solar pumps in Rajasthan’s agriculture sector. Presenters from WRI India shared that only 28% of the Rajasthan’s net cultivable area is irrigated compared to the national average of 49.8% and that Rajasthan’s ground water has deteriorated rapidly in the last two decades. With the solarization of the agriculture sector, there are both benefits and new challenges that have emerged.

Bharath Jairaj, Executive Director, Energy Program at World Resources Institute (WRI) India shared that “Rajasthan could well show the rest of India, how to accelerate the clean energy transition journey”.
Stakeholders from state power companies, utilities, academic institutions, civil society organisations and other power sector experts shared their inputs on the challenges and opportunities associated with energy storage and viability of solarisation of irrigation pumps and pathways to accelerate their integration to support Rajasthan’s clean energy future.

Media Contacts:
Mariam Abuhaideri
Bask Research Foundation

Ahona Datta Gupta
WRI India

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