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Mumbai becomes the third Indian city to join the global Cities4Forests alliance

A tree-lined avenue in Mumbai’s Dadar neighborhood. Photo by Aaran Patel

Mumbai, 10 July 2021: Mumbai has become the 70th city globally and the 3rd city in India to join the Cities4Forests alliance. The Cities4Forests initiative helps cities around the world connect with and invest in inner forests (such as city trees and urban parks), nearby forests (such as green corridors and watersheds) and faraway forests (such as tropical and boreal forests).

From distant rainforests to city parks, forests help urban areas tremendously across sectors, including clean air and water, resilience to climate change, biodiversity conservation, and improved human health and well-being. Forests also provide jobs and income, spaces for recreation, and a wealth of nature-based solutions for city infrastructure.

Cities4Forests encourages all cities – and their residents – to better conserve, manage, and restore these forests. The initiative encourages cities to act together, by providing technical assistance to align local policy, sharing knowledge and access to peer-to-peer learning opportunities, and supporting citizen engagement through communications activities. The focus of the initiative is on building urban resilience, climate change mitigation and adaptation, green infrastructures, and ecosystem restoration.

Speaking about the association, Jaya Dhindaw, Director, Integrated Urban Planning, WRI India said, “Forests and tree canopies are incredibly important for the well-being of city dwellers – from filtering air and protecting water supply systems, to buffering against floods and heat and providing recreational opportunities or a moment of shade and contemplation. There are also a multitude of benefits that cities like Mumbai accrue from faraway forests, all of which, together, can contribute to building resilience, especially within vulnerable communities and those most exposed to climate risks. WRI India looks forward to supporting Mumbai in its endeavors towards protecting, restoring, enhancing, and managing the city's green cover.”

Aarey Forest
Aarey Forest is a rich urban forest in the suburbs of Mumbai. Photo by Aaran Patel

As a participating city, Mumbai will share the Cities4Forest commitment to reduce deforestation, restore forests and help manage forests both inside and outside city limits. The city will also gain access to special tools, databases, and technical assistance as part of a peer-to-peer exchange network. 

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