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Expert Voices on Air Pollution

WRI India's experts provide insightful commentary and informed perspective on the current issue of air pollution and declining air quality in Delhi, India.

Sustainable Development the Only Way to End Air Pollution Menace by Amit Bhatt | Hindustan Times

To Clean Its Air, There Are Miles to Go Before Delhi Can Sleep by Mani Bhushan Jha, Ajay Singh Nagpure, Bhavay Sharma and Nitya Kaushik | The Wire

For clean air, reform how we travel |  Analysis by OP Agarwal | Hindustan Times

Opinion | A nation-level strategy to fix India’s air pollution woes by Ajay Nagpure | Livemint

Delhi’s Deadly Smog by Amit Bhatt

Does India Have the Skilled Workforce Needed to Fight Air Pollution? by Bhavay Sharma and Ajay Singh Nagpure | The Wire

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