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Workshop: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Interventions for Industrial Parks

WRI India’s project, "Delivering Sustainable Urban Services" aims to improve, scale and adapt sustainable urban services – solutions that meet the vital needs of citizens and local businesses, while producing local and global benefits.

Traditional models of city development can lock us into congestion, sprawl, and inefficient resource use. To drive economic opportunity, cities must provide citizens and local businesses’ service needs for mobility, lighting, heating, cooling, and sanitation – in an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable manner.

From an energy resource perspective, industrial parks are a good example of a bounded area with mixed use entities (industrial/commercial/residential) to help understand how energy services are delivered and challenges that must be overcome to move to sustainable energy supplies.

This workshop will facilitate a collaboration among a diverse group of energy stakeholders, including regulators, utilities, businesses, governments, and civil society to understand possible solutions to energy efficiency and renewable energy interventions at industrial parks. We will also discuss a new decision-support tool to enable a dialogue between cities (the demand side) and providers of technology/equipment and finance (the supply side).

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9:00 - Welcome Remarks

9:10 - Policy Push for Sustainability in Industrial Parks

9:30 - Overview and Expected Outcomes from the Workshop

10:00 - Opportunities and Challenges for Industrial Parks: Lessons from GIZ’s Experience

10:30 - RE/ EE Initiatives in ALEAP

11:00 - Tea Break

11:15 - RE/ EE Initiatives in Mahindra World City

11:45 - RE/ EE Initiatives in Industrial Parks

12:45 - Panel to Summarize Presentations and Discuss Next Steps

1:30 - Networking Lunch

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