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Working Paper Release: Benchmarking Energy Performance of Offices in Kochi

The buildings and construction sector accounted for 36 percent of global energy use and 39 percent of energy and process-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in 2018. In India, buildings were responsible for 33 percent of total electricity consumption in 2018–19 with more than 60 percent of India’s electricity needs coming from thermal power.


Read the full working paper | Benchmarking Energy Performance of Offices in Kochi

Globally, countries are committing to decarbonizing their building stock. Achieving decarbonization targets requires an understanding of the efficiency levels of existing buildings. Energy performance benchmarking helps establish baseline energy performance of existing buildings.

Subsequent to the development of Zero Carbon buildings roadmap for Kochi in 2019, WRI India has continued to engage with Kochi Corporation to implement the recommendations in the roadmap.

In 2020, 50 office spaces were benchmarked as per their energy performance. The study was aimed at developing a methodology for a city-wide energy benchmarking exercises in India. Qualitative research was conducted to understand the perspective of buildings' owners/management towards energy retrofits and energy efficiency services.

The working paper- "Benchmarking energy performance of offices in Kochi" describes findings from the research. It will be released virtually by the Mayor of Kochi Corporation in the presence of relevant state and city level agencies. The release will be followed by a round table discussion on the importance of benchmarking building energy performance and promoting energy retrofits of existing buildings in cities.

Read the full working paper | Benchmarking Energy Performance of Offices in Kochi


  • Adv. MA Anil Kumar, Honourable Mayor, Kochi
  • Dr. Hari Kumar, Director, Energy Management Center, Kerala (EMC-Kerala)
  • Dr. Ajith Kaliyath, Urban Chair Professor, Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA)
  • Dr. Rajan Chedambath, Director, Centre for Heritage Environment and Development (C-HED)
  • Santhosh A, CEO, Athul Energy Services
  • Dr. May Mathew, Founder Trustee and Chief Planner, Centre for Environmental Efficiency
  • Deepak Krishnan, Associate Director, Energy Program, WRI India
  • Bharath Jairaj, Executive Director, Energy program, WRI India
  • Sumedha Malaviya, Senior Manager, Energy program, WRI India
  • Dhilon Subramanian, Manager, Energy program, WRI India

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