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Webinar: Understanding Mumbai’s First Climate Budget

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has prepared its climate budget report for FY 2024-25. This webinar aims to discuss the preparation process and contents of Mumbai’s first climate budget. This session is designed as an awareness building opportunity to understand climate budgeting and its importance as a strategic approach towards climate implementation and mainstreaming for cities engaged in climate action planning. We will discuss Mumbai’s climate budget and share a presentation on the budget creation process, highlighted through first-hand experiences from BMC officials, and knowledge partners C40 Cities and WRI India representatives.

Who is it for?

The webinar is aimed at cities currently involved in climate action planning/budgeting, practitioners, institutions specializing in policy-oriented climate action and urban/climate action enthusiasts. Expected outcomes:

  • A comprehensive presentation on the climate budget's key features.
  • An open forum for discussion which encourages feedback from participants.
  • A compilation of key learnings and recommendations to support and enhance future climate budgeting efforts

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