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Webinar on Prioritising Public EV Charging Infrastructure Locations

Webinar on Prioritising Public EV Charging Infrastructure Locations

Availability of widespread public charging infrastructure is a crucial prerequisite to the growth of electric vehicles (EV). In the past few years, various land-owning agencies have come forward to provide land, at concessional rates, to private and public entities for the installation of public charging infrastructure. However, for a well-planned charging infrastructure network, it is important to deploy charging points and charging stations where charging demand is high and where they are accessible to EV users.


In establishing a public EV charging network, it is important to understand where the demand for public charging may be concentrated in a city and further identify locations that are well-suited for accommodating such facilities. Spatial distribution of parameters such as population densities, traffic volumes, commercial and workplace clusters can help predict the relative levels of charging demand in different parts of the city.

WRI India will be conducting a webinar on ‘Location planning for deployment of public EV charging networks’ on January 25th at 12 pm. The webinar will present WRI India’s location planning framework for public charging infrastructure, applied across various cities including Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad, which aims to maximise access and utilisation, and minimise implementation costs of charging facilities, by integrating a top-down geospatial analysis with a bottom-up site selection approach. The presentation will be followed up by a Q/A session with the participants.


  • Chaitanya Kanuri, Senior Program Manager - Electric Mobility


  • Amit Bhatt, Executive Director, WRI India

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