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Unlock Bengaluru 2018

WRI India Ross Center is hosting Unlock Bengaluru 2018 on 21 July 2018 at the Sheraton Grand Bangalore. The day-long event will examine how good governance, inclusive planning, effective management of resources, and enhanced infrastructure and services aided by technology will improve service delivery and quality of life in a dynamic, every-changing urban landscape.

The year 2022 will mark the 75th anniversary of India’s independence. In Karnataka, a new government has taken charge, and has the mandate of delivering on development for all. Bengaluru, the state’s capital, and by far the largest city in terms of size and contribution to the state GDP, has emerged as the most vibrant city in the country, attracting a major share of foreign investment. Additionally, it is the fourth largest technology cluster in the world.

Jones Lang Lasalle’s 2017 City Momentum Index has ranked the city as the most dynamic in the world. Owing to its access to economic opportunities, and the availability of physical and social infrastructure, Bengaluru continues to attract the lion's share of Karnataka's urban population.

However, despite this growth, Bengaluru continues to face a quagmire of challenges ranging from traffic congestion, water and air pollution, inadequate infrastructure, increasing disparity, unplanned and unserved peripheries, and low institutional capacity and frameworks to manage the city’s unbridled growth.

WRI India Ross Center for Sustainable Cities has been assisting the city of Bengaluru in making informed decisions on resources, land-use, and infrastructure, including transport and energy, that typically have a 40-100 year “lock-in” effect. WRI India, along with government departments, academic institutions, civil society, and independent experts have been working in the city for nearly a decade towards improving quality of life for its citizens and future investment in the city. In this context, Unlock Bengaluru, a dialogue on sustainable development, will share learnings and seek feedback on theories and ideas that we are evolving to address unsustainable lock-ins and usher in transformative change.

View the agenda here.

Online registrations for this event are now closed. Please register at the venue.

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