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Thermal Energy Storage and its potential in India

India's ambitious goal of transitioning towards clean energy depends heavily on technically and commercially viable options available for storing and retrieving power of different kinds. Like any other technology, it is vital to identify the right storage option for suitable applications. Out of the multiple storage technologies available, Thermal Energy Storage (TES) is a technology that's mainly used in buildings and industry sectors, wherein it stocks thermal energy by heating or cooling a storage medium so that the stored energy can be used later for heating and cooling applications, and power generation.

In India, several TES projects have been commissioned across different sectors over the last few years. However, for various reasons, Thermal Energy Storage is yet to be recognized as an entirely accepted technology in the country.

This webinar aims to introduce the basic concepts of TES technology and discuss the multiple challenges associated with its implementation. The panel of experts from different backgrounds, including academia, government, and industry will discuss the existing and emerging TES technologies, their viability, challenges, and opportunities in the Indian context.

The panel will address the following questions, among others:

  1. What are the different TES technologies, their technology readiness levels, and economic and commercial viability in the Indian setting?
  2. What are the challenges of its scaling and wide adoption in India?
  3. What are the learnings from other countries to mainstream TES in India?
  4. What would be the supportive policies, business models, and R&D initiatives for promoting TES in India?

The webinar is being organized as a part of the Innovative and New Clean Energy Technology Forum (INCETF). The objective of the forum is to enhance knowledge, gain valuable insights, and accelerate the clean energy transition with panel discussions from industry leaders and government stakeholders on all the latest trends and developments in renewable technology, its challenges and opportunities, and case studies.


  1. Dr. Dibakar Rakshit, IIT Delhi
  2. Zafer Ure, Managing Director, Environmental Process System
  3. Ankit Jhanwar, Vice President, Pluss Advanced Technologies*
  4. Nitin Goel, Founder, Inficold
  5. Dhilon Subramanian, Manager, WRI India
  6. Gowthami T S, Senior Project Associate, WRI India

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