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Talking Transit

EMBARQ India, in partnership with Gurgaon Municipal Corporation, will be hosting the next Talking Transit workshop in Gurgaon on 2 and 3 July 2015. The theme of the workshop is ‘Designing a Modern City Bus Service’.

This two-day workshop will focus on developing a high-quality city bus service for Gurgaon drawing on expertise from various cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and others. Local and international experts will highlight best practices in bus operations and planning. For the first time at Talking Transit, EMBARQ India will be convening experts who would help a city plan and develop a new public bus service for its residents. Aspects like route planning, monitoring systems, support infrastructure, and financial sustainability will be discussed in the context of Gurgaon.

This workshop is part of EMBARQ India’s Talking Transit series, an initiative of the Bus Karo programme. The Bus Karo initiative aims at facilitating a peer-to-peer network that encourages shared learning between city bus agencies from around the country.

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