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Roundtable on Understanding Carbon Pricing Policy in the Context of Maharashtra

Carbon pricing policy can promote the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals for the state of Maharashtra, beside reducing emissions. The price signal can create created shifts in consumption and investment patterns, spur investments, generate revenue and, making economic development compatible with climate protection, which also comply with Mission LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) launched by Government of India. However, many challenges need to be navigated for a carbon pricing policy for Maharashtra in terms its impact on state economy, jobs and industrial competitiveness, state revenues etc.

Through this workshop, we aim to understand Maharashtra's specific context. We seek to engage with academia, civil society, and state policy experts to discuss carbon pricing mechanisms and gather their substantive insights. The expected outcomes from the workshop are:

  1. Developing a holistic understanding of the need for, and the associated trade-offs of, introducing a Carbon Pricing mechanism in the state of Maharashtra
  2. Exploring alternative scenarios, along with the required institutional and regulatory changes, for operationalizing a Carbon Pricing mechanism in Maharashtra

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