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Map Tenure Launch

WRI India’s soon-to-be launched Map Tenure tool is a first of its kind web-based tool to support local governments, forest departments and civil society organisations in enabling clarity on land ownership in the orange-areas of central India and generating positive development from tenure-secure landscapes.

The orange-area dispute affects 1.2 to 9 million hectares of land in central India. It also impacts more than 1 million people – predominantly tribal families – who depend on land as a primary source of livelihood. Majority of these areas are socio-economically backward and vulnerable to climate change. Tenurial clarity will not only secure livelihoods of these communities, but also incentivise a landscape approach to development through biodiversity conservation, watershed security, climate mitigation and livelihood improvement.

The Map Tenure tool is an effort to integrate technology and spatial analysis to support relevant stakeholders in resolving the orange-areas dispute, thus ensuring the well-being of local communities, economic benefits and environmental outcomes through secured land tenure.

For further questions about the tool or the launch event, please reach out to Karishma Shelar (

A detailed agenda for the launch event will be made available soon.

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