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Low Carbon Growth in India: Drivers and Trade-offs

Join WRI India to discuss the key findings from a new working paper that explores two climate scenarios for India using the India Energy Policy Simulator (EPS), an open-source, systems dynamics model.


For emerging economies like India, effective climate policy must deliver on the twin objectives of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while enabling the achievement of development-related goals. An integrated assessment of sectoral policy options over varying timeframes, along with their macroeconomic implications, can help in the design of effective policy packages that meet India’s medium- and long-term climate targets while also delivering economic growth, ensuring the efficient use of resources, and avoiding the lock-in of carbon-intensive behavior and technologies.

This paper highlights cost-effective policy options across different economic sectors and timeframes for low- carbon development in India, as well as potential trade-offs and co-benefits between climate policies and development priorities.

This session will cover a presentation of key findings from the paper, followed by thematic reflections on key questions such as implications of a coal phase down, the potential of green hydrogen use in industry and transport, and the role of carbon pricing and energy taxation in the clean energy transition. The session will conclude with a round of audience Q & A.


  • Dr Ashok Sreenivas, Senior Fellow, Prayas Energy Group
  • Amrit Singh Deo, Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting and Expert, India Hydrogen Alliance
  • Dr Kavita Rao, Professor, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy
  • Sabina Dewan, President & Executive Director, JustJobs Network; Senior Visiting Fellow, Centre for Policy Research
  • Ulka Kelkar, Director, Climate Program, WRI India
  • Deepthi Swamy, Lead, Climate, WRI India
  • Varun Agarwal, Senior Project Associate, Climate, WRI India

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