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Learn the Art of Storytelling to Transform Your Business

Storytelling can be a powerful tool for startups to create awareness, inspire and educate their audience, engage better with their stakeholders, be it customers, partners or investors, secure funding and mobilize support for their businesses. Join us for this dynamic session and discover the remarkable potential of storytelling to elevate your land restoration business pitch. Whether you are a seasoned restoration entrepreneur or just beginning your journey, storytelling can be a game-changer for your business.


Suraj Sudhakar, Founder & CEO at ScaleX Initiatives and CoolCoach

Suraj is the founder of a Pune-based social enterprise, CoolCoach, an initiative of ScaleX Initiatives Pvt. Ltd. He has worked extensively in the social sector in India and Kenya. An engineer by training, Suraj has also been an Acumen Fund fellow and brings with him a rich experience in consulting.

Moderator: Kavita Sharma, Senior Program Manager – Land Accelerator, WRI India

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