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Launching 3I Mobility for Hyderabad Metro 

Hyderabad Metro, the second longest metro rail system in the country, is well-positioned to enable sustainable urban transportation, with the potential to reduce traffic, lower transport emissions, and improve access to affordable transportation for commuters. However, low ridership adversely impacts the benefits that the system can confer. This shortfall in ridership has been majorly attributed to a lack of efficient and integrated first and last mile connectivity options. Part of the reason is the lack of innovative solutions in the ecosystem, which were further stalled due to the resounding effect of the pandemic.  

As part of the mandate to promote Inclusive, Impactful and Innovative (3I) Mobility, Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited (HMRL) and L&T Metro, with support from WRI India and Shell Foundation are launching MetroRide’s electric auto rickshaw services to strengthen first and last-mile connectivity at Hyderabad metro stations, for clean, end-to-end mobility. The four-fold objective of this service launch is to overcome the affordability and accessibility challenges of metro commuters, establish a pathway to viable business model for first & last mile services, promote greater utilization of metro services and reduce the carbon footprint of urban transport services.


  • NVS Reddy, Managing Director, Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited 
  • KVB Reddy, Managing Director and CEO, L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad 
  • Tahseen Alam, Business Development Adviser, Shell Foundation  
  • Girish Nagpal, Co-Founder & CEO, MetroRide 
  • Pawan Mulukutla, Director, Clean Mobility & Energy Tech, WRI India 

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