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Launch of Working Paper: "Real-world Electric Bus Operation: Trend in technology, performance, degradation, and lifespan of batteries"

The electrification of buses is critical for decarbonizing India's transport sector and meeting the net zero target set for 2070. To scale the adoption of e-buses across states, it is imperative to understand the implications of battery performance and degradation on e-bus operations.

WRI India’s latest working paper Real-world Electric Bus Operation: Trend in technology, performance, degradation and lifespan of batteries, authored by Dr. Parveen Kumar, Senior Manager-Electric Mobility, WRI India, Pawan Mulukutla, Executive Director- Electric Mobility, Clean Air and Hydrogen, WRI India and Priyansh Doshi, Technical Manager- Sustainable Freight Transport, identifies specific battery technologies preferred for powering e-buses in diverse geographical locations globally and evaluate their performance under varying environmental conditions.

The paper explores the impact of different stress factors on battery aging and assesses their overall influence on the automotive life of e-bus batteries. Additionally, the paper examines how battery degradation can impact the short-term performance as well as the long-term battery life and economic viability of the e-bus.

To delve into the working paper’s key findings and recommendations, WRI India is organizing a webinar where the authors will talk about:

Factors affecting the lifespan of e-bus batteries.

Strategies to mitigate battery degradation and increase efficiency.

Ways in which e-bus operators can enhance bus longevity, improve service reliability, and reduce operational costs.

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