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Launch of STAMP Nagpur

Nagpur is Maharashtra's third-largest city and one of the most industrialized urban centers in India. As Nagpur—like many Tier-2 cities in India—expands to incorporate this urban growth, it presents a challenge to Nagpur public transport agencies. Public transport mode share currently sits at 16 percent, and Nagpur is in urgent need of a more integrated transport system that can connect a city where commutes are growing longer each day.

To improve connectivity across the city, Nagpur Metro was launched in 2019, and connects over 30,000 passengers daily. By investing in high-quality, integrated and affordable public transport, Nagpur can help improve access to education and job opportunities, while lowering the impacts of vehicular emissions and traffic.

The Station Access and Mobility Program (STAMP), led by WRI India Ross Center and Toyota Mobility Foundation, has partnered with Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MAHA-METRO) to launch the sixth edition of its Challenge in Nagpur in 2022.

STAMP and MAHA-METRO will be working together in Nagpur to understand how citizens can travel across the city and improve access to transport. Through STAMP, MAHA-METRO, WRI India Ross Center and TMF will be working on improving and optimizing various aspects of last-mile mobility and station access at metro stations in Nagpur.

Join us on March 16th at 4:30 PM for the launch of STAMP Nagpur, along with a session on “Towards More Connected Cities: Building rapid mass transit in Nagpur.”  This panel discussion will bring together public and private sector representatives who will offer their perspectives on building better mass transit in Tier-2 cities, and the role that the metro can play in enabling this.

Discussion points

  • Urban challenges to building mass rapid transit in Tier 2 cities
  • Enabling a modal shift to the metro in Nagpur
  • Investing in metro infrastructure to build better land use and transport integration  
  • Planning new rapid transit systems in smaller cities by leveraging learnings from existing metro systems


  • Uday Borwanker, Executive Director, Operations and Management, Nagpur Metro
  • Mahesh Gupta, Joint General Manager (Civil) and Incharge MMI, MAHA-METRO
  • K Vijayalakshmi, Managing Director, Hyderabad Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority, Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority
  • Paromita Roy, Director (Housing & Urban Projects Wing) at Delhi Development Authority
  • Pras Ganesh, Executive Vice President, Toyota Daihatsu Engineering & Manufacturing, Director, Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF)
  • Aloke Mukherjee, Senior Program Associate, WRI India (moderator)

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