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Land Accelerator South Asia 2022 | Sales and Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Restoration Business

No matter how good the product you are offering is, if the intended customers do not know about it, the product may not achieve its intended purpose.

While marketing strategy focuses on increasing your visibility and building brand awareness, a well-defined sales strategy helps you make real quantifiable profits. Together a proper marketing and sales strategy takes your customer from awareness to purchase, and even build loyalty.

This session helps you understand your product, how it is solving an unmet need, understand your users, brand building, technical sales and marketing processes like funnel strategies, mapping customer segments, customer lifetime value and unit economics.

Speaker: Rahul Soni, Sales & Marketing Professional

Rahul is a management professional with around 10 years of experience across agtech, fintech, and consumer markets. He has worked with leading startups in India including Safeharvest, Grofers, Rupeek Fintech, Ola Cabs and NCDEX, in various high-impact roles. An alumnus of IRMA, Rahul is a seasoned sales and marketing coach, passionate data scientist and an established meditation practitioner.

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